Professional Passion (part I )

Are you willing to move to a new company?


Many questions occupy our minds before moving on to another job.

  • How much will the salary be?
  • Where is the new company located?
  • What new job title will I get?

Some believe these three questions are a fateful decision and a turning point in an employee's life. But the real question here is, are these the right questions we should ask ourselves? Money, location, and job title are short-term incentives from our current lifestyle and aren't really what we want from work.

I want to address this message to those constantly striving for the best. There are several questions they should ask themselves when thinking about moving to a new job:

First: The comfort zone.

Some believe that moving to a comfortable job will facilitate their lifestyle and enable them to settle down. Still, over time you will find yourself useless, and those who were inferior to you have become at the top, thirsting for more progress. You are still standing in your place. Nothing is new for you, and you are waiting for time to pass. The challenge is fundamental as it guarantees the achievement of your ambitions and goals and always pushes you to do better.

Beware of stability and enjoyment in the comfort zone.

Second: Evaluation and review

Since getting out of the comfort zone means facing some challenges, assessing and reviewing the challenges will be the second factor.

When seeking to achieve goals, there must be a system for evaluating the results. One criterion you need to be aware of the HR manager of your new business is what policies and procedures are in place to ensure your correct assessment. Are bonuses, annual increases, or job titles based purely on performance indicators? Or are there other fields that you have to accomplish and skip?

Sometimes, you will need more time to achieve KPIs. Still, you can make up for it through effective teamwork, continuous efforts, and overall goals.

Third: Hidde benefits

Most of us put money first when thinking about moving from one job to another, but you should also know about the rest of the things that may change your decision.

For example, suppose you are getting a salary of 20,000 EGP in your current company, and you get an offer to work in another company with a salary of 30,000 EGP. In that case, the first thing you will think about is the 50 percent increase. Therefore there is no room to think at all, and you will move to the other company undisputedly!, Right? No wrong, of course.

There are some other things that you should consider, for example. However, your salary in your current company is 20,000 EGP. In return, you get 50% of the education expenses for your children. You also get a travel allowance, a monthly amount for your mobile phone bill, and health insurance that covers the costs of teeth treatment. In contrast, the other company does not cover any of these expenses. Therefore you expose yourself to a significant loss in the event of your move.

Many of us fall into wrong evaluations like this, and these hidden factors greatly influence any decision we make in our careers.

To be continued...